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Fluid Control Components:


The complete range of products from GTE Elettromeccanica S.r.l. includes components for controlling and capturing liquids in heating system, for the small and large appliance and industrial sectors, with a particular focus on:


Electronic Vacuum
ressure Switch
E-Valve Actuator

High product quality is guaranteed by laboratories for functional tests, life expectancy testing and completely in-house production control processes.

The Company operates a quality assurance system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 reference standard.

design and builds its products in Italy.


The expression Made In Italy is used to indicate a reappraisal process for Italian craftsmanship and industrial production, to which not all Italian manufacturers can lay claim.


Choosing GTE ELETTROMECCANICA means not just enjoying the benefits of Italian ingenuity and quality, but also having the opportunity to working with the team responsible for you product in every phase of its development.

GTE Elettromeccanica will be present in Milan Rho 17-20 March 2020: